Perth, Western Australia

Okay. Here’s my travel blog, which I’m going to use to keep friends and family updated on my backpacking trip, showcase my dazzling writing skill, and take the place of a physical travel journal.

On April 27, 2010, my best friend Chris and I are leaving our dreary lives and dead-end jobs in suburban Australia and embarking on a voyage that will take us through Asia, Africa, South America and North America, living as cheaply as we can and, in the tradition of backpackers everywhere, taking advantage of poor economies and exchange rates in order to go on an extended holiday on relatively little money. At the end of the trip, if I’m not ready to go home, I plan to either get a working holiday visa for Canada, or use my Irish citizenship to work in Europe, thus returning to a dreary life and dead-end job, but in another country, so I assume it will be totally awesome!

43 days to go!