Perth, Western Australia

I had what I thought was a case of attempted credit fraud last week, when – on the same day my World Nomads payment cleared – I had a $394 debit show up in my account from some electrical company in Sydney. I told the bank about it, cancelled my card etc, but they said nothing could be done until the payment was actually authorised.

Instead of going through, it just disappeared the other day, and Bankwest has done a fucking shithouse job of explaining why. I get that sometimes companies use financial details with different names, so you might be concerned when you buy something and it shows up as a golf course in another city, but this was another payment in addition to my World Nomads debit, for a different amount of money.

I’m still waiting on my new card, and this incident has made me realise just how much shit I’ll be in if my details are compromised while overseas. My Cirrus card and my Mastercard are literally the only means I have of withdrawing money abroad. I don’t relish kicking around in some third-world border town waiting for a new card to get FedExed to me just because Bankwest’s online statement system is fucking loopy.

In other news, I folded and bought some Salomon Tracks trail shoes at Kathmandu. It was an Easter sale but they still cost $150, which was the absolute maximum I wanted to spend on footwear. No doubt Chris will be laughing at me when he picks up a better pair in Kuala Lumpur for $50. I’m one of those people who’s utterly powerless to resist when a sales assistant starts working their black magic. They sure are comfy though, even if it does feel weird to be wearing a thick shoe after four straight years of Converse.

18 days to go!