CHRIS (left) is a dropout from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and an aspiring composer. He has previously been a food court slophound, a barista and a real-life equivalent of Crocodile Dundee. He writes music on a freeware program which utterly warps the original intent, and used to upload it to a Myspace account which has long since been lost in the ancient ruins of the Internet. He is overpoweringly hilarious, often idealistic, obnoxiously judgemental, selectively helpful and possesses a charm that makes literally every girl he meets fall for him.

MITCH (right) is an alumnus of Curtin University and an aspiring writer. He has previously been a dishwasher, a deli assistant and a hapless Korean kindergarden teacher. He writes book reviews, terrible short stories and journals of his previous misadventures in Asia at Gentlemen of the Road’s sister blog, Grub Street. He is well-read, fairly intelligent, sometimes arrogant, has a lack of common sense and possesses a deadpan sense of humour that many mistake for abrasive rudeness.